Stardust Social Casino Loyalty Benefits

Play Stardust, make virtual coin purchases, and earn Boyd Points and Tier Credits (where permitted) redeemable at most Boyd Gaming properties. Use your points for discounts on hotel stays, buffets, retail purchases and best of all, FastPlay!!!

Boyd Rewards Members

Boyd Rewards Members, rejoice in the exclusive benefits awaiting you at Stardust Social Casino!

For every $1 spent on in-app virtual coin purchases, eligible Boyd Rewards players earn a generous 150 Boyd Points. Additionally, each $5 spent awards you 1 Tier Credit, allowing you to ascend the loyalty program ranks and unlock even more perks.

Stardust goes beyond the ordinary by offering you a selection of games akin to those found on the gaming floors of your favorite Boyd Gaming casinos – and the best part? They're all free-to-play! This unique feature sets Stardust apart, providing unparalleled fun and benefits that no other social casino can match.


As a registered participant in Boyd Gaming's Boyd Rewards casino loyalty program, linking your accounts opens the door to even greater rewards. Earn Boyd Points and Tier Credits for in-app virtual coin purchases, and watch your loyalty translate into unforgettable experiences. Boyd Rewards brings you exceptional perks such as cruises, stays in Las Vegas and Hawaii, B Memorable Experiences, and annual luxury gifts. With five tiers and a whole year to earn and enjoy your tier status, attaining these fantastic rewards has never been more convenient.

Join Stardust Social Casino, where gaming and rewards converge to create an unmatched experience. Download now to elevate your play and enjoy the exceptional benefits that Boyd Rewards brings to your virtual gaming adventure!

Guest Players

Embark on your gaming journey at Stardust Social Casino, where everyone begins as a Guest Player. Playing as a Guest is perfect for those looking to dip their toes into the world of social gaming. While Guest players can make in-app purchases, it's crucial to note that such purchases won't retroactively contribute to earning Boyd Points and Tier Credits. Click “PLAY AS A GUEST” to start spinning those reels!

Transition to Registered Play

For an enhanced experience and to unlock the full spectrum of Stardust benefits, consider registering your Boyd Rewards account number. To begin the process, click on the Boyd Rewards logo located at the bottom center of the screen, prompting the options below.

Option 1 – Established Boyd Rewards Online Account

  • If you already have a Boyd Rewards online account, click “Yes. Log in now!” This will redirect you to the login page.

Option 2 – No Online Account Yet

  • For those with a Boyd Rewards card/number but without an established Boyd Rewards online account, click “No. Register Now!” You'll be directed to the Boyd Gaming website to sign up. The process is quick, requiring only a few moments. Upon receiving the email confirmation, repeat the steps by clicking the home page Boyd Rewards button and selecting “Yes. Log in now!” You'll then be redirected to the login page.
Boyd Rewards panel

Option 3 – No Boyd Rewards Card/Number

How to Log in

Boyd Gaming Boyd Rewards Members with established Boyd Rewards Online Accounts

When the pink login orb appears, sign in by inputting your Boyd Rewards 11-digit alpha-numeric card number or username and your password.

Registered members of Boyd Gaming's Boyd Rewards casino loyalty program with linked accounts may earn Points and Tier Credits for in-app virtual coin purchases. (Unfortunately, you cannot earn Point and Tier Credits for in-app virtual coin purchases made prior to connecting a valid Boyd Rewards account.)

Registered members of Boyd Gaming's Boyd Rewards casino loyalty program who link their accounts can earn benefits from in-app virtual coin purchases. Once logged in, during the Launch Special, for every $1 of in-app virtual coin purchases, eligible Boyd Rewards players earn 150 Boyd Points, and every $5 of purchases earns 1 Tier Credit.

Login screen

Ruby Boyd Rewards players are only eligible to earn Tier Credits for in-app virtual coin purchases. Sapphire and above Boyd Rewards players may earn Tier Credits and Boyd Points for their in-app purchases. Boyd Rewards program rules apply. These terms are subject to change.

Boyd Points earned through virtual Stardust coin purchases will be credited to the user's Boyd Rewards account. Points can be redeemed at participating Boyd Gaming properties for FastPlay (where permitted), food & beverage and entertainment offerings, as well as hotel stays. (All players, no matter their tier level, earn Tier Credits for Stardust virtual coin purchases). Please note that Boyd Points earned as a result of Stardust virtual coin purchases may take up to 48 hours to be credited to players' accounts.

Boyd Rewards cards

Don't have a Boyd Rewards account? Visit a nearby Boyd Gaming Boyd Rewards Casino to sign up. Just go to Boyd Rewards and one of our helpful staff will assist with your registration. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

Redeeming Boyd Points & Tier Credits earned from Stardust In-App Purchases

Stardust in-app virtual coin purchases can help you earn Boyd Points, which may earn you FastPlay and credit for food & beverage, retail, and hotel stays at most Boyd Gaming Properties. Redeeming Boyd Points & Tier Credits earned from Stardust in-app virtual coin purchases is easy. With your Boyd Rewardsaccount linked to Stardust, all in-app virtual coin purchase credits are applied directly to your Boyd Rewards account. Just log into the Boyd Rewards App or your Boyd Rewards Online account to track your progress.

Your Boyd Rewards Point balance will be updated within 48 hours of your virtual coin purchase. If you do not see your earned points, message us via the in-app support or via the FAQ section of this website. You can also visit Boyd Rewards at any connected Boyd Casino; our trained staff is standing by to offer help with downloads, connecting, and understanding loyalty benefits.

Redeeming Boyd Points at Boyd Gaming Properties in Indiana, Kansas, & Illinois

Indiana, Kansas, and Illinois Boyd Gaming patrons can redeem Boyd Points earned from Stardust in-app virtual coin purchases for food & beverage comps only. To redeem, visit Boyd Rewards and ask the attendant to award your Stardust Boyd Points. This will be applied to your player's card and will be usable at participating on-property dining establishments.

Activating a Boyd Rewards Online Account

In order to active a Boyd Rewards Online account in the Stardust app you need to have:

    1. Visited a participating Boyd Gaming Boyd Rewards Casino and signed up for a Boyd Rewards Account, and
    2. Activate your account online, by logging in with your Player ID and establishing a username and password.

As a Boyd Rewards member, not only will you earn Boyd Points & Tier Credits from Stardust in-app virtual coin purchases but also by visiting Boyd Casinos and playing your favorite slots, video poker games, table games, and bingo. You can then redeem those points at most Boyd Gaming Properties for hotel stays, dining and retail purchases, and best of all, FastPlay. For specific property rules, please visit your local Boyd Gaming property and view the Boyd Rewards Terms & Conditions. Benefits may vary by location.

Boyd Gaming locations

Higher tier level players enjoy exceptional rewards like cruises, stays in Las Vegas, Hawaii, and the Bahamas; B Memorable Experiences, and extraordinary annual gifts. With five tiers and an entire year to earn and enjoy your tier, achieving these great rewards has never been easier.

Got a question? Need assistance? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions or visit Boyd Rewards at any Boyd Gaming casino. Our trained staff is standing by to offer help with downloads, connecting & understanding loyalty benefits.

NOTE: an eligible Boyd Rewards player is one who is at least 21 years of age and completed the Boyd Rewards sign-up process by verifying their identity with a valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID. Persons who have opted into any gaming regulatory or Property self-limit or self-exclusion program or have been excluded by a government program or agency or by Boyd Gaming are not eligible to participate. Please check with Boyd Rewards at your local Boyd Gaming property for further clarification.

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