How to Play

How to Play Stardust Social Casino

To help you get started, we are pleased to provide the following primer on how to install and play the Stardust Social Casino game.

Play in your favorite web browser or download the Stardust app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, tap the Stardust “S” icon to start the game.

Now comes the big decision… do you want to log in as a Boyd Gaming Boyd Rewards player, and for every virtual coin purchase earn Boyd Points and Tier Credits or play as a guest?

If the answer to that is an enthusiastic “Yes, I want to log in as a Boyd Rewards player!!!” then click on the top “Boyd Rewards Login” button once you reach the casino lobby.

Stardust Social Casino icon

Guest Players

Everyone enters the game as a Guest Player. Playing as a Guest is fine if you just want to dip your toe in the social gaming waters. Guest players can still make in-app purchases, but purchases made from Guest accounts cannot be retroactively applied to earn Boyd Points and Tier Credits. Just click on “PLAY AS A GUEST” to start spinning those reels!

If you really want to take advantage of all that Stardust has to offer, register your Boyd Gaming Boyd Rewards account number to start earning loyalty benefits. To do so, just click on the Boyd Rewards button on the bottom center of the screen and the below prompt will be called up.

If you have an established a Boyd Rewards Online account, just click: Yes. Log in now! You will be sent to the login page.

If you only have a Boyd Rewards card/number but have yet to established a Boyd Rewards Online account, just click: No. Register Now! You will be taken to the Boyd Gaming website to sign up. Registration only takes to few moments. Once you receive the email confirmation, just repeat the above steps of clicking on the home page Boyd Rewards button and the Yes. Log in now! button. You will be sent to the login page.

However, if you don't have a Boyd Rewards card/number, click on New to Boyd Rewards? to learn how to apply for one (by visiting a Boyd Gaming property).

Login screen

When the login screen appears, sign in by inputting your Boyd Rewards 11-digit alpha-numeric card number or username and your password.

Registered members of Boyd Gaming's Boyd Rewards casino loyalty program with linked accounts may earn Points and Tier Credits for in-app virtual coin purchases.

(Unfortunately, you cannot earn Point and Tier Credits for in-app virtual coin purchases made prior to connecting a valid Boyd Rewards account.)

Welcome to the Lobby!

After logging into the game, either as a Guest or a Boyd Rewards player, you'll arrive at the casino lobby. The Lobby is home to the game's menu where you can find all the available slot machines. Swipe left to spin the carousel and browse our titles! New games are always being added, so swipe regularly!!!


Finding Bet Levels

Tap on a game tile to view game details and bet levels before playing. The game card will open, showing the available bet levels. Pearl Lagoon, for example, has a max bet of 500,000 and a minimum bet of 500 virtual coins. In game card mode, you can scroll through all the game cards by tapping the floating arrows to the left or right of the info card.

Pearl Lagoon bet selection

Viewing Your Virtual Coin Balance

Your virtual coin balance is located at the upper left corner of the top menu bar. Just look for the Stardust gold coin!

Coin balance display

Buying Coins

Stardust awards you virtual game coins every three hours. However, if you run out, you can always buy more by tapping the green “SALE!” button located to the right of your balance. Tap “SALE” to open the Shop. Don't forget to check out the Premium Bonuses! There are some great deals.

Remember: you cannot cash out Stardust virtual coins for real money or prizes. The Stardust Social Casino is designed for entertainment purposes only – NO gambling!

Premium Bonus

Registered members of Boyd Gaming's Boyd Rewards casino loyalty program who link their accounts may earn benefits from in-app virtual coin purchases. Once logged in, for every $1 of in-app virtual coin purchases, eligible Boyd Rewards players earn 150 Boyd Points, and every $5 of purchases earns 1 Tier Credit.

Please note that Boyd Points earned as a result of Stardust virtual coin purchases may take up to 48 hours to be credited to players' accounts.

An eligible Boyd Rewards player is one who is at least 21 years of age and completed the Boyd Rewards sign-up process by verifying their identity with a valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID. Persons who have opted into any gaming regulatory or property self-limit or self-exclusion program or have been excluded by a government program or agency or by Boyd Gaming are not eligible to participate. Please check with Boyd Rewards at your local Boyd Gaming property for further clarification.

Ruby Boyd Rewards players are only eligible to earn Tier Credits for in-app virtual coin purchases. Sapphire and above Boyd Rewards players may earn Tier Credits and Boyd Points for their in-app purchases. Boyd Rewards program rules apply. These terms are subject to change.


Settings is where you can find all the essential controls for the app. To get to Settings, locate the little gear icon on the upper menu bar's right corner. Tap on the gear to open the Settings menu.


Settings icon

Within Settings, you can do the following:

  • Adjust sound levels
  • Find your User ID (in case you need to report an issue)
  • Find out what version of the app you have (also in case you need to report a problem)
  • Sign in with your Boyd Rewards player ID (to earn Boyd Points and Tier Credits)
  • Access Support to read the FAQs and to submit a customer service issue or question
  • Read our exciting Terms of Service
  • Read our Privacy Policy

Leveling Up

Your current play level is shown at the top of the menu bar next to the diamond. Play often to raise your level. The higher your level, the better virtual coin and bonus offers you'll receive.

Level display

Leveling up in Stardust is not connected to or associated with leveling up in Boyd Gaming's Boyd Rewards loyalty program – the two are entirely separate.


In Stardust, there are two ways to collect FREE coins within the game: The Rocket Bonus and the Hourly Bonus.

Every eight hours you'll have the opportunity to spin for a Rocket Bonus virtual coin award; which gets bigger and bigger each consecutive day that you play. Just tap the green “LAUNCH” button at the lower lefthand corner to launch the rocket and see what you've won!

Rocket Bonus
Rocket Bonus with Streak Bonus

Set your stopwatch for this one: Hourly Bonus can be collected once every 3 hours! Just tap on the green COLLECT button on the lower menu bar to grab your FREE coins.

Once collected, you'll receive a popup next to your balance, confirming that your coins have been received. Then, the countdown begins again for the next bonus.


No doubt you'll be the next Sultan of Slots, and how will everyone know? Leaderboards! Yes, once you reach Level 2, you can pick any slot, spin and you'll see the leaderboard come up. The leaderboard is a ranking board that shows the names and positions of the leading competitors in a competition. At the end of each week, the top 10 players with the highest number of points on the leaderboard will be awarded coins and the board will be reset.

Weekly leaderboard

Leaderboards are only available once you reach Level 2. Once you're there, pick any slot, spin and you'll see the leaderboard come up. Now, we know you don't want anyone getting ahead of you, so log in regularly to check your standings by going to “All Access” page.

Now you're an expert!

That should be enough to get you started. So, what are you waiting for? Get playing!!! Oh, and if you have more questions, you can always consult the FAQs by tapping on the SUPPORT button – we told you how to find it.

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